BANKS Concludes US Tour in San Francisco

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

After rescheduling a few shows on the west coast, BANKS took the stage at the Masonic, overwhelmed and grateful to be back in San Francisco with so many of her loving fans standing there, cheering her on. “I can’t believe you’re all here. Thank you so, so much.”

Every time I hear about her, Jillian Banks seems to always be creating or singing. As the creator of a sub genre of goth pop, the soulful, and seductive lyricist is clearly very dedicated to her craft.

Her work first caught my eye in the early Spotify days, with songs like “Waiting Game” and “Warm Water“ filling my brain with her enchanting voice and catchy beat.

After three albums and teases of unreleased lyrics, Jillian is finally releasing a book of her poetry, “Generations of Women from the Moon,” which includes exclusive writing and sketches created by her. It is now available for pre-order here.

After her conceptual album The Altar, which was filled with stripped down beat and raw lyrics, Banks‘s III bursted forth after two years. “I wanted to share my journey in growth over time... and it told me most that life isn’t all black and white but it’s all about the gray zones.”

Starting the crowd off with Till Now, a catchy, electronic introduction of her presence, the crowd screamed over her in excitement. I could feel my limbs shaking as strobes lit the stage and flickered while she and her backup dancers took the podium.

It was hard to catch her while she was still. The choreography was carefully planned and executed, and she seemed to never tire throughout the whole set. An internal beat coursed through her as she improvised vocally and caught the hands of her fans, changing up the tempo of her original work and changing it up on the spot.

She strutted across the stage with a determined pride in her performance, pushing her voice to the limit while hitting each difficult note. All in one song, she lured the crowd into tears, then cheered everyone up into a jumping, joyful state. I felt her passion for her work in my feet and through my whole being, and she was the master of all our emotion, holding us gently in her palms and crooning us the story of her life. And you can tell she truly adores her fans as she tried to meet each eye with a motherly smile.

Jillian Banks is a true artist in her industry, pushing herself to the maximum in every performance and passionate about sharing her love of writing and music with others; and seeing her in person was well worth witnessing.

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